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LookBook: Early 2023

By Staff  Updated: December 2, 2023

Check out examples of our work expertly tailoring jeans and review some custom jeans made in our studio in the early part of 2023.

Perfect Pants Tapering

Replacement Belt Loops for Jeans

Wide hem jeans chain-stitched

T-Shirts Hemmed to Perfection

 Denim Jacket Repair Service

 Valued Denim Scraps after hemming

Joe McCoy & Co. jeans express hemmed

NYC: The Best Hemming on Doorsteps

Transformational Patching on Corduroy

Artful Repair over Fast Replacement

A Masterpiece in Custom Jeans for Women

Expertly repair jean keyholes

Tapered pant services redefine style

Trust Only a Denim Specialist

Same-Day Hemming – While You Wait

Never far from a jeans tailor

Experts guide to hem a t-shirt 

Bad denim idea: Dry Cleaner Alterations 

Shortening Polo Shirts

Video: The Chain Stitch Hemming Process

Crotch blowout repair on Jean Shop jeans

Shortening Shirt Sleeves

Hemming Rudy Jude utility jeans 

Studio D'Artisan jeans hemmed fast

Repairs service on more than denim

Big rips repairs for non-denim pants

No one does denim better

Hoodie / Sweatshirt Alterations

The art of hemming pants

Handmade black custom fitted denim jeans

Video: How to Taper & Take In the Waist on Jeans

How To Hem Flared Jeans

Rush hemming on double-needle pants

Undetectable Waist Alterations 

Tapered NF Easy Guy Athletic Fit Jeans