Lady White t-shirts hemmed to perfection

Two Lady White t-shirts hemmed to perfection using the hemming service for tees by Williamsburg Garment Company. One tee is light gray and the other black.

By Maurice Malone Published August 28, 2023

For those in the know about Lady White Co. t-shirts, quality, comfort, and an eye-catching sense of style are givens. Yet, even a shirt that checks all the right boxes can miss the mark when it comes to length. If you've ever found yourself asking, "Can you hem a t-shirt?" rest assured, you've come to the right place.

Our customer-friendly process is as seamless as our stitches. With clients from across the United States and the world, we offer an online ordering process with easy-to-use emailed shipping labels. Once your shirt arrives, our experts get to work ensuring it leaves with that made-for-you feel. The result is a piece that's customized to your body length and better fitting—ensuring that every inch, from shoulder to hem, flatters your specific build.

Now let's talk about some real-world results. Take a look at recent examples of our work on two Lady White Co. brand t-shirts. These already excellent shirts had a bit too much length, as you can see from the scraps that were cut from the shirt. After our hemming service, they didn't just look shortened; they looked customized. If a t-shirt is an extension of who you are, then a well-placed hem makes sure that message comes through loud and clear.

So, if you've been sitting on the fence about altering that high-quality t-shirt, consider this your nudge. A good hem job respects the integrity of the garment and elevates it to its full potential. When it comes to premium tees like those from Lady White, it’s not just about shortening the length; it's about refining an already stellar product to fit you properly. Trust me, the investment is minimal, but the payoff—in comfort and style—is significant.