Supreme jeans tailored to fit
White stitched, medium blue stonewashed Supreme jeans tailored with chain stitch hemming
Express Hemming on customized stitched Iron Hearts jeans
Close-up inside sewing of striped tailored overalls & full view of tapered overalls.
Express Hemming on customized stitched Iron Hearts jeans
Heavyweight 21oz. Iron Heart jeans with customized red chain stitch hemming
Popular: Custom made size 44 selvedge jeans
Custom made by hand size 44 selvedge jeans in 13oz. raw denim
Handmade custom jeans starting at $250
$250 high-quality handmade custom jeans made in the USA
Hemming 21-ounce denim? No problem!
Jeans may arrive for service with a faux chain-stitched hem, but we return them with the real thing.
Somét jeans given world-class tapering service
Somét Jeans shipped halfway around the world for tapering service
Step out of the norm with custom jeans
Heavyweight selvedge custom jeans made in USA by hand in Brooklyn, New York.
Handmade red Japanese selvedge
Raw red Japanese selvedge custom made jeans handmade in NYC with designers autograph
Review the hemming on Syoaiya Pure Blue Japan jeans
Chain stitch hemming service reviewed on Syoaia Japan Blue jeans
Getting Precise with hemming
3/8" wide chain stitched hem of Pure Blue Japan jeans
Make the fit your own
Tapering Samurai jeans alterations in the process