By Staff  Updated: December 1, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the world of denim - At Williamsburg Garment Company, we pride ourselves on not just knowing denim, but teaching it. When it come to denim, we delve deeper than the surface of trends that fashion magazines regurgitate, and instead we provide comprehensive, expert insights that only true denim aficionados would appreciate. Our reputation as the unspoken leaders of denim education may not be mainstream knowledge, but to those in the know, it's an open secret.

Our LookBook serves as more than just a catalogue of beautifully crafted, custom-made jeans and meticulous alteration work. It's an essential guide, offering insights into the world of denim from the perspective of true connoisseurs. From discerning the intricacies of fit and fabric, navigating the nuances of selvedge and raw denim, to understanding the do's and don'ts of denim care - we cover it all. Our mission is to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to truly appreciate and engage with your denim. So, step into the world of denim that we live and breathe every day and start this journey with us.