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Fans of the Biggest and Best Raw Denim Brands Know Where to Go for Top-Notch Tailoring Services

A stack of jeans against a white background, reflecting the numerous raw denim brands that clients send to Williamsburg Garment Company for expert alterations to make their jeans fit perfectly. From top to bottom, this stack features jeans by Brave Star Selvage, Naked and Famous, Gap, Taylor Stitch, Tellason, and Gustin.

By Maurice Malone Published June 24, 2024

Raw denim enthusiasts are notoriously particular about their jeans. They demand perfection in every stitch and seam, and rightfully so. Enter Williamsburg Garment Company, the haven for raw denim aficionados looking for expert tailoring.

Iron Heart is one of our workshop's most frequently serviced brands. These jeans are known for their heavyweight construction and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring their durability. We pride ourselves on being one of the few specialists capable of tailoring Iron Heart jeans. Avoid showing these to a regular tailor; they might not be able to handle them, and if they accept the job, it could lead to heartbreak.

Many denim novices have learned the hard way: regular tailors, no matter how skilled or the appearance of luxury of their operation, often falter when it comes to denim. They come to us to fix the aftermath of bad tailoring decisions.

Formal tailoring rules simply don't apply to denim—it's a different beast altogether. We always advise: we won’t work on tailored clothing, and tailors should never work on denim. Unfortunately, many will take your money and wreck your jeans, knowing they can’t replicate the original look and construction of denim garments.

We cater to jeans of all price ranges, from under $100 to over $1000. The common denominator? Owners who love their jeans and want the best hands working on them. It's not unusual for us to get a $70 pair of jeans and do $150 worth of work on them. Sounds odd? Not when you've had your favorite jeans nearly ruined by suit and dress tailors.

Our expertise extends to direct-to-consumer brands like Gustin. We're one of the few offering bar tack additions on hems, a branding detail cherished by Gustin fans—red on indigo, matching on other colors.

Levi’s are another staple in our workshop, simply because of the sheer volume out there. Though most aren't raw denim, our shelves are often packed with Levi’s awaiting alterations. And let’s face it, not even the world's most popular denim brand’s in-house services can compete with our expertise, staff, and specialized sewing equipment.

Our most popular service is chainstitch hemming. Smaller and mid-sized raw denim brands often produce jeans with 36-inch inseams to fit more buyers. However, locating a local tailor who owns a chain stitch machine can be challenging. Many turn to us to maintain integrity, appearance, and quality when shortening seams. You can order our convenient, reliable, high-quality service online from anywhere in the country. Regular service takes 5 to 7 days, with same-day and next-day rush options available.

Tapering is another service where our expertise shines. We provide unmatched quality and have numerous articles and videos explaining and demonstrating our process, with more on the way.

Waist alterations? We literally taught the industry how to do it right. Before we came along, tailors were altering jeans with ugly darting lines, puckering, and ill-fitting adjustments. Our method requires the right equipment: a heavy-duty flat-felled sewing machine, a bar tack, and a flat-bed chainstitch machine.

For any denim fan, denim repairs are inevitable. Jeans look better with age and can take a beating from regular wear. Since we started repairs in 2016, we've evolved from basic fixes to mastering the science and technique behind effective repairs. We understand the nuances of stretch and rigid denim, ensuring proper repairs in various locations.

We do it all, from fixing common issues like adding extra belt loops and replacing busted zippers to more complex repairs. This is why, in the area of denim, we are the go-to denim tailoring and alterations service in the United States.