The Nation's Best At Your Doorstep: Chain Stitch Hem NYC

An after-new chain-stitch hemming example of heavyweight raw denim Gustin jeans with red chain-stitching and red bar tacks, matching the original sewing. Alteration service was provided by Williamsburg Garment Company in NYC to hem the new inseam length.

By Maurice Malone Published July 28, 2023

New Yorkers are so spoiled. You can always find the best in the world right here in the city. So why would it be any different when it comes to denim alterations?

If you're right here in the Big Apple, consider yourself lucky. Here at Williamsburg Garment Company, we pride ourselves on being the best destination for chain-stitch hem NYC services, with multiple options for fast, professional chain-stitch hemming.

We work with Union Special sewing machines, known for their precision and quality in chain stitching. We also know that a machine is only as good as its operator. That's why our skilled team is thoroughly trained in denim and knit alterations, which is their main job here in our Greenpoint studio. They're experts in their field, and I've personally ensured they appreciate the beauty and intricacy of working with denim.

Women's black moon-print Marine Serre jeans with chain stitch hem service from Williamsburg Garment Company to adjust the inseam length.

We value your time just as much as you do, and our choices for fast service show that. Whether you choose the "same day, while you wait" service, the "next-day rush service," or our regular service, you can expect a quick delivery that doesn't cut corners.

We've had the pleasure of working on quite a few denim brands. We've catered to every demographic of denim lovers and helped them improve their fits. From Iron Heart to Everlane jeans, American-made men's Gustin and Taylor Stitch jeans to Marine Serrea women's designer jeans are a few examples.

We are seen as the best in the nation for providing simple online ordering from anywhere in the world. For spoiled New Yorkers who are used to having everything at their doorstep, you are welcome to come into our Brooklyn studio any day of the week; no appointment is necessary.

We're simply a courier service away from our friends outside of New York. We even provide low-cost 2-way shipping, where we frequently bite the bullet on shipping expenses just to work on your clothing and make things easier for you.

On pairs of women's light blue and black Everlane brand jeans, Williamsburg Garment Company provides Everelane hemming examples using chain stitch alterations that match the original factory sewing.

So why settle for less when you can get outstanding chain stitch hem services right here in NYC? Stop by and check us out. We're not just making alterations to your jeans; we're making them better.