Taking chain stitch hemming seriously seen on Taylor Stitch x Stetson jeans

Review of chainstitch hemming alteration service on Taylor Stitch x Stetson green cast jeans
By Maurice Malone  Published Dec. 1, 2020

Take a look at our hemming work on this pair of green cast Taylor Stitch x Stetson jeans. It would be an understatement to say we take chainstitch hemming seriously. Our work is more often better than the original. If an end line doesn't perfectly overlap the starting stitch line for at least a full inch, our sewers are instructed to do it again. You won't find this sort of commitment to perfection at many factories, even from the most admired brands. At most factories, by the time they get to the hem, the hard work has been done. The hem is deemed not that important. We know because we've cut or have taken apart thousands of jean hems with sloppy crooked stitch lines.

The thread size, color, and quality of work are all important to us. Our commitment to excellence is just one of the reasons our service is unmatched.