Frequently Asked Questions 

Williamsburg Garment Company knows that navigating the many facets of Denim can be daunting. This is why we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions from the value and versatility of Williamsburg jeans, to the extensive aspects of Denim itself. Click on the questions below to learn in-depth about raw and selvedge denim, the proper ways to care for jeans and purchasing jeans from Williamsburg Garment Company.

Alterations Services

Do you do "Original Hem" service? The short answer is NO - please read our blog post linked to the photo to find out why.



How to measure the inseam of jeans

One of the most common questions asked is how to measure the inseam. Please read this article to learn how our technique to be on the same page, as not everyone measures the inseam in the same manner.


Learn the details how we preform denim alterations and how to best take your own measurements to improve your ordering process.

how to taper jeans & pants explained by Maurice Malone Learn how to best take measurements for chainstitch hemming & how tapering improves shape

Alteration services can be found under the SHOP menu under ALTERATIONS.  If you have trouble locating to menu, you can also select the link below entitled "How to order alterations."

To see a list of our prices and services, click the "Prices & Services" image link below.

How to order denim alterations online Denim alterations prices / cost & services



Denim Care

Frequently asked questions about raw denim care

Custom Made Jeans

Salmon red size 44 custom made raw denim jeans



Frequently asked questions about raw denim stretching & shrinkage



Do we repair jeans with crotch blowouts? The answer is YES! See the link below to learn more about our service and review photos of our past works.

FAQ about denim repairs of crotch blowouts.




Read more about selvedge under our new Raw Denim menu.

American made raw selvedge jeans by Williamsburg Garment Co.



 How much do raw denim jeans shrink?

Frequently asked questions about raw denim shrinkage