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How to taper jeans explained by designer Maurice Malone

At Williamsburg Garment Co. we offer professional tapering services. We manufacture jeans and pants in both small and mass quantities. We can take a jean apart and put it back together in the same matter and technique that they were originally made. Watch our video below, which explains in detail our tapering process.

Our video explains how to taper jeans in detail, from the inseam, that are constructed with a lap seam. We decided to cover inseam tapering as it is the correct way that jeans should be tapered because the shape in pants is defined mainly at the inseam (except boot and flares). Second, most of the videos we observed on the web are not professionally sewn. Even professionally produced videos by major denim brands, short cut the process. Showing no more knowledge about denim than home crafters, as if its only about making a cool looking video.

We are serious about quality and take pride in our work, so we do our best to inform consumers making them smarter about denim. Driving us to research how others tapered jeans and put out our video was the frequency of calls we received from guys asking if we taper selvedge jeans from the inseam? And we’d be like, uhh… yeah. Thinking to ourselves, what other way would we do it? Apparently, not everyone does or can.

With most YouTube videos we watched, tapering was done on the out-seam out of bare necessity, because the sewer did not have the right equipment to taper at the inseam. The lap seam scares them. That’s understandable. However, if you are not sewing on a home machine, professional tapering should always be done using the same techniques and equipment as the manufacturer to ensure the best possible outcome.

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how to taper jeans & pants drawing

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Author: Maurice Malone and Imani Sheldon