Denim repair & jeans alterations prices

Denim repair & jeans alterations by Maurice Malone in Brooklyn denim store

At Williamsburg Garment Co., not only do we manufacture our own brand of jeans inside our shop located at 338 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11249. We also do denim repairs and alterations on any brand of jeans. Hemming time can vary from 30 mins to 2 days. Most other denim alteration services average 1 to 3 days, tapering and waistband jobs require about 1 week.

Is Williamsburg Garment Co. the same as Brooklyn Denim Company?

Williamsburg Garment Co. and Brooklyn Denim Co. are not the same. WGC is a brand tenant inside Brooklyn Denim Co. In February 2018, we closed our small shop on Havemeyer Street and moved inside BDC.

WGC is the leading online denim alteration service in the USA. Both WGC & BDC offer alterations services but are not the same. We have totally separate staff, machines, work techniques, and pricing. Per agreement between us, walk-in alterations are handled by BDC and performed by their tailors.

However, if you are a previous WGC customer or in NYC locally and seeking the expertise of WGC, you can still get our service, but you must first purchase your desired service through our website, choosing DROP-OFF in the shipping option. You can then walk-in and have your alterations performed or supervised by WGC brand designer/owner Maurice Malone. If you require personal service, after online purchase, you can make an appointment by email, order messaging, or by phone.

What sets us apart from other tailor and denim repair services across the nation? We are denim manufactures, not tailors. We custom make jeans, so alterations come easy. For major operations like tapering, we take the jeans apart, make the alteration updates, and then sew them back together. We avoid jointing stitch lines or creating visible new seam joints. We do our best to finish jeans like there were no alterations, appearing as if they were manufactured in the new shape and fit.

Tailored jeans in work

We focus on a few types of alterations as listed under our SHOP menu, and try to do them better than anyone. We do not provide options for any or all types of repairs/alterations. If you are seeking a service not listed on our website, we suggest our friends at Brooklyn Denim Co., they will attempt to handle most alterations requests.

Chain Stitch Hemming:

Other Brand Jeans - $15 per pair Online.

Williamsburg Jeans - $5 online; free with in-store purchase.

Add bar tacking - $2.50

Pants Hemming:

3/4-1 1/2 inch tall lockstitch construction $19 per pair

Waistband alteration:

Waistband of other branded jeans - $45 Williamsburg Jeans - $25

Tapering Jean Leg:

Other Brand Jeans - $45, Williamsburg Jeans - $25

Photo shows an example of jeans constructed with a Lap Seam. We do both Lap & Overlock construction tapering from the inseam.

what is a lap seam on denim jeans

Replace Buttons & Rivets:

Other Brand Jeans - $5, Williamsburg Jeans - $0.

Crotch Blowout & Holes Repair:

 Based the size of the hole needing repair, prices range from $20 to $40.