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Denim repair & jeans alterations prices

We are the nationwide leader for denim alterations, offering the convenience of ordering our professional hemming or other alterations services from anywhere in the United States on your smart phone. Our close-up video demonstrates how easy it is to utilize your mobile phone to place orders with just a few clicks.

We also offer low-cost 2-way shipping, for which we send you a shipping label by email. Only $19.50 covers the cost of shipping in both directions for any number of items, from 1 to 20 or more.

Discover the ultimate solution for perfectly hemmed jeans with our video, "Hem Jeans the Right Way," brought to you by Williamsburg Garment Company. As a national online denim tailoring business, we specialize in expert chainstitch hemming services that ensure a flawless fit and exceptional quality.

In this video, we showcase our expertise by presenting a variety of jeans that have been skillfully hemmed using our renowned chainstitch services. Witness our dedicated as owner/designer Maurice Malone meticulously works hemming jeans, employing chainstitching to deliver outstanding results.

Visit our HEMMING GALLERY to see examples of our chain stitch hemming work on a variety of jeans.

Our primary goal is to educate individuals who frequently face the challenge of shortening their jeans about the importance of choosing the right method—chainstitch hemming. We want to shed light on the fact that many jeans already have chainstitched hems, and it takes a specialized service like ours to ensure the perfect alteration. Most tailors lack the necessary chainstitching equipment, making our expertise indispensable.

Unlock the secret to impeccable jean alterations and experience the difference that professional chainstitch hemming can make. Visit our website today and take the first step towards tailored perfection. Trust Williamsburg Garment Company for all your denim alteration needs.

See our DENIM REPAIRS GALLERY for examples of our work repairing jeans.

When it comes to denim alterations, repairs, and tailoring heavyweight workwear, our factory equipment, expertise & simplified online ordering set us apart from all other denim alterations specialists & tailoring services. Our staff is trained and lead by renowned denim designer Maurice Malone.

New York City Location

Walk-in: Appointments are not required

Visit us for personal assistance at our new studio located at 67 West Street, suite 310, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222. Phone (646) 367-1720

Alterations Services include:

Chain Stitch Hemming - Express Service (while you wait & Nextday), Regular Service 5 to 7-days.
Tapering - Express Service (1 or 3-days), Regular Service 14 to 21-days.
Waist Alterations - Regular Service 14 to 21-days.
Hole Repair - Express Service (1 to 3 days), Regular Service 5 to 7-days.

Is Williamsburg Garment Co. and Brooklyn Denim Co. the same? No.

Williamsburg Garment Co. and Brooklyn Denim Co. are not the same. We did share the same location while offering some of the same services, however, we have separate staff, equipment, and techniques.

WGC was a brand tenant inside Brooklyn Denim Co. from 2018 to January 2021. On February 1, 2021, we moved into our own studio, and are now in Greenpoint Brooklyn, at 67 West Street, suite 310. BDC offers a wide range of alterations, while our focus is being the world's best the services we offer : Hemming Jeans & Pants, Tapering, Waist Adjustments, Triple Needle Tapering & Hole Repairs.

Tailored jeans in-work adjusting the waist and tapering the leg.
Chain Stitch Hemming

Any-Brand of Jeans - $20 per pair

Williamsburg Jeans - $5 per pair

Add Bar Tack - $5 per pair

Pant Hemming

1/2" to 1 1/2" Basic Pants Hemming $23 per pair

Waist Alterations

Any-Brand of Jeans - $50 per pair

Williamsburg Jeans - $25 per pair
Tapering 1 & 2-Needle Stitch

Any-Brand of Jeans - $65 per pair

Williamsburg Jeans - $25 per pair
Tapering 3-Needle Stitch

Any-Brand of Jeans - $80 per pair

Hole Repair / Crotch Blowout

Based on the total width of all the holes per pant, prices range from $24 and up

Make Jeans Into Shorts

Any-Brand of Jeans - $18 per pair

Williamsburg Jeans - $5 per pair
Add Bar Tack - 2.50 per pair
Button Repair & Replace

Any-Brand of Jeans - $7 per 1st button, $2.50 ea. after

Repair Hole Under: Add $5

Williamsburg Jeans - $0 replace
Belt Loop Repair

Any-Brand of Jeans - $10 per to fix detatched belt loop

Williamsburg Jeans - $0 per tack

Replace Loop - $20 per Loop

Repair Hole Under The Loop: Add $5