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Williamsburg’s designer Maurice Malone explains denim tailoring: How to Take in the Waist of Jeans

By Maurice Malone Published December 1, 2023

Nick English of Stridewise collaborates with us in this informative video to unveil the nuances of professional denim alterations. Our primary focus is on a thorough guide to precisely taking in the waist of jeans. A tailor must have a deep understanding of denim and access to the right equipment to execute this task flawlessly.

At the center of this episode is a premium pair of Okayama Denim jeans, oversized in the waist and primed for our meticulous alteration process. We aim to demonstrate the unique challenges and meticulous techniques essential for modifying heavyweight denim without losing its original charm.

Throughout the video, we dissect various aspects of denim fabric, such as its propensity for shrinkage, drying behavior, and the intricacies of indigo dye. The intention is to cultivate a holistic understanding of denim's nature and the precision required to tailor it perfectly, all while preserving its original aesthetics and structure.

By the end of this session, viewers will gain in-depth insights into the art of high-end denim alteration. This knowledge is invaluable not only for denim aficionados but also for those aspiring to master tailoring. An essential watch for anyone passionate about refining their skills in denim alteration, this video promises a blend of expertise and practical advice.