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Vuori Meta Pants Too Long? Don't Sacrifice Style - Get the Perfect Fit

Close-up of dark oregano green professionally hemmed Vuori Meta pants using a coverstitch machine, showing the clean, flexible stitching on the inside of the pant leg.

By Maurice Malone Published June 22, 2024

Vuori is known for their effortlessly stylish and comfortable apparel, perfect for everything from a round of golf to a business casual office. But if you've invested in a pair of their Meta Pants or Chinos only to find the length isn't quite right, you're not out of luck.

While in-house hemming may not be offered, there's a solution that's even better than most tailoring services you can find: Williamsburg Garment Company's professional alterations services, which use specialized equipment designed for performance fabrics.

The Problem with DIY Vuori Hemming

Vuori's Meta Pants and Chinos are crafted with a unique blend of stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. The straight stitch on a standard sewing machine will not create a hem that matches the original performance. The result? A hem that's too tight, prone to stitches that pop when stretched.

The Williamsburg Garment Company Difference

At Williamsburg Garment Company, we specialize in alterations for premium fabrics like those used in Vuori's Meta Pants and Chinos. Our secret weapon? An industrial coverstitch machine, the same kind used in luxury activewear manufacturing. This specialized machine creates a secure, flexible hem that looks factory-fresh and stretches with the fabric.

Take a look at this recent project: a pair of Vuori Meta Pants hemmed to a 27" inseam. Notice how the coverstitch perfectly mimics the hem found on most stretchy garments, maintaining the pants' sleek aesthetic and performance.

Why Choose Professional Hemming for Your Vuori Pants?

  • Preserve the Look: Our coverstitch machine replicates the original hem found on most garments made with fabrics that stretch, ensuring your Vuori pants look as good as new.
  • Maintain Performance: We use techniques that won't compromise the stretch or wrinkle resistance of your Vuori pants.
  • Perfect Fit, Every Time: We can hem your pants to your exact inseam preference, no matter how short or long.
  • Easy and Convenient: Our online ordering and 2-way shipping make the process a breeze when ordering from anywhere in the United States.