2022 Williamsburg Denim Blog

By Staff  Updated  December 27 2022

New Tan Selvedge Denim

Denim Repair & Chainstitch Hemming

Rush Alterations Services Explained

3x1 Custom Clients discover WGC

Easy Chainstitch Hemming Online

Get them same-day hemmed on Sundays

Chainstitch Hemming - Thread Size Matters!

LV x Nike Air Force 1 By Virgil Abloh Exhibition

Video: How to hem a t-shirt

Sweatshirt sleeves with knit band alterations

Selvedge handmade custom fit jeans

Exemplar joggers hemming alterations

Knitwear alterations services begin

High-tech fabric golf pants hemmed

The how & why's of belt loop repairs

Handmade in Brooklyn for Canada

A service to customize t-shirts

Ripped cut-off jeans shorts repaired

Blue jean repair near me?

Patching to head off blowout

Professional knit pants hemming

American Made Jeans – Love Them!

Heavyweight BBD Alterations

Knit shirts alterations made easy

Altering t-shirts to perfect the fit!

Practically Undetectable Denim Repair 

Professionally shorten sleeves

Two custom tapered jeans for big guys

Iron Heart double knee overalls serviced

An American jeans horror story