Professionally shortened sleeves on sweatshirt

By Maurice Malone  Published January 23, 2022

With one simple word "professionally," we answer the question: How to shorten the sleeves on a sweatshirt?

You can forget the DIY video hacks and now send your sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts to us for professional knit sportswear alterations. We use the same industrial sewing machines as found in factories producing activewear to tailor knit shirts and pants, matching the manufacturer's original quality.

Check our alterations work performed on this sweatshirt. We took a few inches off the sleeve. First removing the topstitching and then the knit cuff. After cutting the length, you find the sleeve opening grows larger, just as they do with pants. We then taper the sleeve to get the cuff opening back to its original size, which matches the knit band size. Afterward, the band is reattached and the seam topstitched.

Sleeve alterations on yellow RRL sweatshirt with rib knit cuffs