Blue jean repair near me?

By Maurice Malone  Published March 12, 2022

Often, NYC locals will walk in for simple chain stitch hemming and commonly ask, "can you also fix holes in jeans? I had this pair I loved, but recently threw out because they got a hole in the crotch."

We grab a pair of jeans racked with holes as an example of how far jeans can disintegrate and be restored back to wearable life. The response is usually something like, "Oh my God! My jeans were not that bad, but now I know I don't have to throw them out."

Old Levi's jeans with lots of holes

Most people don't realize how common it is for holes to develop in the crotch of jeans. Or, that there are specialists like us in the business taking care of jeans and pants constructed like denim garments. All over the USA, people search online using terms like "blue jean repair near me," and end up with the nearest dry cleaning business with a seamstress or local general tailors and dress shops. Frequently, our new customers find us and let us know they did their research. Knowing that denim is a different animal – to get jeans repaired or tailored by someone without denim specialized equipment or knowledge can be a costly mistake.