Chainstitch hemming Online made easy on Warehouse & Co. jeans

By Maurice Malone  Published August 3, 2022

If you're like most denim heads, you probably take your jeans seriously. After all, they are a wardrobe staple for just about everyone. So when it comes to hemming them, you want the job done right. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a denim specialist with a Union Special chain stitching machine they trust. But don't worry – USA's leader in denim alterations services makes it easy to get perfect hemming online without ever leaving your home!

Check out our work on these Warehouse & Co. jeans made in Japan. The hardest part was finding a thread color that matched the unique whiteish pale peach color of the jeans. But since we have a large library of denim-specific thread colors and sizes, that problem was solved easily.