Heavyweight alterations on Benzak Denim Developers selvedge jeans

Hemming alterations show shortened inseam on heavyweight Benzak Denim Developers selvedge raw jeans

By Maurice Malone  Published February 15, 2022

Can you hem heavyweight jeans? Do you match the thread color? Do you taper from the inseam or outseam? All questions we get regularly.

When working with us, you're not dealing with your local dry cleaners, seamstress, or suit tailors. We know denim. We make jeans. Relax, you've done your research and found the right place.

Check out the hem alterations on these heavyweight Benzak Denim Developers jeans. We take pride in our work. Our goal is to match the manufacturer's original construction. Your jeans should look like they fit, and not look like they have alterations.