Altering t-shirts to perfect the fit!

Finished alteration shows how to shorten sleeves on a t shirt with long sleeves without cuffs.

By Maurice Malone  Published January 30, 2022

Altering t-shirts to perfect the fit sounds kind of odd. I mean, have you ever heard of a t-shirt tailor?

When you really want to look your best, who do you turn to when needing a tweak here or there like the sleeve alterations we performed on this Klue stripe tee. We shortened the sleeve by a little more than an inch and matched the original manufactured sewing construction.

We changed the game when it comes to denim alterations with factory-quality sewing and reconstructions. Now we are doing the same for knits.

Like denim, knit sportswear garments require specialized equipment that is rarely found outside factories and small-batch garment makers like us. We're committed to alterations without signs of alteration. Just the fit perfected as if it came factory-made just for you!