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2020 Williamsburg Denim Blog

By Staff  Updated: August 30, 2023

We relocated from the backrooms of Brooklyn Denim Co. on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to our own Greenpoint studio in January 2021. To see our progress, go back to our blog posts beginning in early 2021 and going through the entire year of 2020.

Handmade red Japanese selvedge

Hemming on Pure Blue Japan jeans

Getting Precise with hemming

Make the fit your own

The Art of Making Custom Jeans

Taking Chain Stitch Hemming Seriously

Custom Selvedge Big Men's Jeans Reviewed 
No One Tailors Triple Needle Inseams Like Us!
Momotaro Jeans Tailored Professionally

Custom made green Japanese selvedge jeans

Vintage Williamsburg: railroad stripe pants

Big and Tall Jeans, What are They?

Big Men's Custom Size 46 Japanese Black Selvedge

From Thrift to Perfect Fit

Each jean a masterpiece and work-of-art

Q&A w/ denim designer Maurice Malone

Customized & Repaired Gustin Jeans.

Women Love Chain Stitch Hemming Too!

Slim Custom Jeans in the Larger Scale

Chain hemming vs lockstitch compared.

Undetectable waistband & tapering alterations.

Tapering double front carpenter work pants.

Tailored Jeans from the Inside

Perfecting Jeans for Short Men

Original Hem: Conspiracy Theory

Leroy Strauss Hemmed & Loved

How to Reveled: Waist & Taper