Revealed, how to taper and take in the waist of jeans professionally

By Maurice Malone  Published Aug. 18, 2020
There aren't many tailors that can tackle denim alterations quite like us.  On this pair Left Field jeans, we reveal how we take on two operations at once. The photo unveils how to take in the waist of jeans, and the leg opening (also known as tapering), when constructed with double-needle chain stitched lap seams.
Photos show how to decrease the waistline on jeans and taper them professionally
Our technique starts by completely undoing the seat rise and inseams.  Then we cut them down to the customer's requested spec. Last, we use the same construction techniques and sewing machine type to re-join or sew the panels back together. For makers of custom jeans, with the correct equipment and denim expertise, this is a fairly simple task. The jeans are returned with the look of the original factory sewing.