Double front carpenter work pants tapering alterations

By Maurice Malone  Published Sept. 20, 2020
Many like the rugged look of carpenters with double front knees but not the wide-leg or loosely cut of most off-the-shelf styles, often pondering, "is there a way to taper or slim down workwear pants"?
The answer is yes. It's a common question we get regarding tapering pants with knee pads or double layers. Depending on how aggressive the taper, sometimes the knee layer has to be reshaped at the bottom edge to make room for the new seam sewing.
To sew the flat-felled triple-needle chain-stitched seam, we need at least 3-inches of space from the seam line and for the fabric to move through the folding attachment. The extra layer will not pass through the folder.
We warn those seeking this service, if the pants have been washed or are faded, the darker shade under the second layer will be exposed. The holes from the previous sewing may also be visible.  For most this is no problem because it only adds to the rough aesthetic.
Carhartt double front carpenter work pants tailored with tapering alterations
The bottom line, we tailor jeans, workwear, and generally most types of pants constructed in heavy twills, duck, canvas, and denim.  Utility and carpenter pants with reinforced double panel chap fronts are in our wheelhouse of alterations. To understand which service you need when looking to slim down your pant legs, use the 3-needle tapering option for all pants with a triple-chain-stitch at the inseam and all pants with knee pads or double fronts.  Use our regular denim tapering service for any pant with double or single needle stitch at the inseam, that does not have double knee panels.