Big and Tall jeans, what are they?

What are big and tall jeans comparison photo
By Maurice Malone  Published Oct. 25, 2020
It may seem obvious to most, but it could be a little confusing when it comes to describing the big and tall meaning. To explain, “what are big and tall jeans” and the differences, we use for our examples the same style of Hope Street slim tapered jeans, custom made to fit each guy's unique figure.
A tall guy can also be big in waist size. Because a tall man, is often referred to as a big guy, when it comes to Big and Tall clothing, the word Big refers to the width (waist & chest size). Tall refers to height, as with the inseam, sleeve, and other measurements in terms of length.
Big slim tapered custom made jeans size 42x28
Tall slim tapered custom made jeans size 38x38
Pants & jeans are designated as Tall if the pant inseam length is longer than the standard sizes offered by most brands. The most common jean sizes are 32 & 34. A 30-inch inseam falls in the short, less common range while a 36-inch inseam is on the tall side of the less common range of standard sizing.
When we produce custom jeans, we craft the key specs of the leg opening and knee to the length of the jeans. The leg opening stays the same measurement as the graded spec of the size, and we shift it up or down along with the knee position so the style doesn't change. Not making these adjustments for a straight or wide leg jean may not be an issue, but when you shorten a tapered jean without the adjustments, the fit does change.