The bespoke process: Duck canvas size 42x34 handmade custom jeans

By Maurice Malone  Published Aug. 10, 2020
The bespoke process varies by customer. For one of our top customers, who at one time wore size 46 in his favorite South 2nd Street fit, we produced this pair of duck canvas pants after he lost weight and moved down a few sizes.
Bespoke handmade in Brooklyn custom jeans, autographed by Williamsburg denim designer Maurice Malone
The final size of this customized pant is 42x34. We got here from starting with a size 44 jeans pattern because he liked the room in the seat and thighs that the 44 gave. However, he needed a smaller waistline – closer to a 42. To get the upper block right, we took 2-inches off the waist of our standard size 44 and eased down into the seat.
Size 42x34 brown canvas custom jeans made in Brooklyn, NY by Williamsburg Garment Co.
The final issue was the leg opening. The lower block of our standard size 44 was too big for his taste. Although he prefers a straight leg, he wanted a slightly smaller leg opening. To finalize this pair of custom jeans, we settled on the measurement of 18-inches at the hem.