Getting Precise with Hemming

By Israel Giles Published Jan. 18, 2020
For those of you who keep a keen eye on the details of your favorite jeans, you might have noticed that different denim makers use different sized hems on their jeans. For example; the standard hem size that most of the denim world uses (including us) is a 1/2” fold at the hem. Brands like Freenote Cloth sometimes use a 5/8” hem while brands like Pure Blue Japan may have a 3/8” hem. These design elements are very small, but none the less are an integral part of all the small ideas that went into making your favorite pair of jeans. So the next time you send your new jeans to us for hemming, leave a note for one of our expert tailors to maintain that abnormally small or large hem. We’ll take care of it because the details matter, and we care about the details you care about.