Gustin Jeans customized & repaired

By Maurice Malone  Published Oct. 3, 2020

When we first received this pair Gustin jeans and looked at the alterations services order, finding the customer ordered 3-needle tapering, we thought it was a mistake. We assumed we would be receiving a pair of work or carpenter pants because that's what we get in with the vast amount of work requiring triple-needle chain stitch tapering.

Gustin jeans customized with tapering alterations and crotch blowout repair

After contacting the customer it was confirmed. He wanted his Gustin jeans customized with triple-needle stitching at the inseam, tapered with a 12 1/2 inch leg opening. The crotch also had a sizable hole, and the seamline around the crotch was shredded. The tapering made it easier to repair the blown-out crotch and torn inseam because we were able to open up the jeans and cleanly reinforce the fabric leading into the seams.

Close-up of 3-stitch tapering at inseam & crotch blow-out repairs on Gustin jeans
The hem size was spot on. After the taper, it measured 12 1/2 inches. The repaired crotch was solid and we added the hallmark red bar tack to complete the job.
The result of tapering service on Gustin jeans with a measurement of 12 1/2 inch hem revealed