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Leroy Strauss Jeans: Hemmed them. Loved them.

By Maurice Malone  Published Aug. 22, 2020
When the first pair of Leroy Strauss jeans landed in our shop for tapering, I thought, huh, a parody jean. Leroy Strauss. These are funny. I thought whoever is making them has balls because Levi's are most likely going to come after them. I recorded all the requested specs and checked them in for tapering without thinking about them again.
A few days later, this pair came in for hemming from another customer. Then I took a closer look. They felt good and the construction was solid. I found the quality to be better than most Levi's I worked on. I said to myself, these are some serious jeans. Someone put a good deal of effort into the make. I Googled and checked Instagram for Leroy Strauss but mostly ended up Levi's pages. This made me dig deeper. I emailed my customer to ask where he got them.
Leroy Strauss & Co. jeans before hemming
"It's the latest batch by Roy Denim," he said. I got them from Self Edge.
Close-up details of Roy Denim's R01 limited batch Leroy Strauss jeans
Check out the before & after chain stitch hemming on this pair of Leroy Strauss & Co. jeans. Parody or not, it's a great jean and idea. Salute Roy Denim!
Leroy Strauss jeans by Roy Denim after chain stitch hemming service