Tailored jeans explored from the inside

By Maurice Malone  Published Sept. 15, 2020
We love showing off our work because we pursue a level of excellence hoping to surpass the customer's expectations. This pair of tailored jeans was placed inside-out to explore the details of the tapering alterations side-by-side with its cutaway parts.
Inside details of Leroy Strauss tailored with tapering alterations jeans
We performed customizing on this pair of Leroy Strauss R01 jeans, reducing the leg opening about 1 1/2 inches at the hem. The fit was a bit roomier than the customer wanted, so we tapered the jeans high into the crotch to slim the leg down overall. We also shorten the inseam more than 2-inches.
Looking closely at the denim parts that lay around the jeans, you can see the reduction through the leg. Matched thread colors in the reconstructed overlock inseam sewing and chain stitched hem. You can also note the size difference between the width of the cut-off original leg opening and the new customized hem.