Cut off jeans: How we turn old jeans into new shorts

Here's how we cut jeans into shorts the professional way. You start by sending us an old pair of blue jeans. One of our customers first tried making his own DIY cut off jeans, but later opted to send his Gustin's to us for professional service.
Old raw edge Gustin jeans cut off to make blue jean shorts
In the above photo, you can see a few chalk marks on the inseam. The customer gave us his requested inseam length, which is the first mark, plus added that he wanted a 1-inch roll or cuffed hem, which is the second mark. Last, we add the 1-inch allowance needed for the double fold of the chain stitched hem. As you can see by the worn area at the knee, the final length of the shorts will be a few inches just above the knees.
Cut off shorts with red chain stitched hem
Here, the cut off shorts has been transformed with a clean-finished hem. Keeping with the Gustin's brands tradition, we provide chain stitch hemming using red contrasting thread color.
how to make jeans into shorts with 1-inch chain stitched hem
How we bar tack the rolled hem into place on denim shorts
After hemming, we turn-up, measure, and press in a 1-inch tall cuff into place. Next, at the outseam between the selvedge, we bar-tack the hem into place with tonal thread color for minimal invisibility. This helps to keep the roll-up from falling down in the course of wear.
Gustin cut off jeans shorts made by Williamsburg Garment Co.
Finally, an old pair of selvedge jeans are transformed into a new favorite pair of summer jean shorts. This is a service offered under our Alterations Menu.