Perfecting jeans for short men

By Maurice Malone  Published Sept. 4, 2020
We've been producing some great jeans for short men ever since we introduced custom-made-to-order shopping. After we began offering low-cost hemming services more than 6-years ago, we discovered there were a lot of guys seeking 27 & 28-inch inseam lengths. We also found in our experience, simply shortening the inseam was not always the best option, especially on tapered silhouettes.
Custom size 33x27 tapered stretch raw denim jeans for short men
For shorter physiques, simply hemming tapered jeans caused the leg opening to enlarge the further you went up. Realizing we could improve this through tapering services, we explained the benefits of shifting the knee position up while keeping the leg opening the original size.
Finally, for those who fall under standard off-the-rack sizes, our custom made jeans provide the ideal denim in a multitude of style options. Check out one of our latest handmade stretch raw denim Hope Street tapered jeans. It's a custom make. It has a U.S. waist size 33, with an inseam length 27 1/2". The knee position and leg shape below the calf was perfectly drafted with the customer's height in mind.