Each jean a masterpiece and work of art

By Maurice Malone  Published Oct. 7, 2020
Every jean a masterpiece and a work-of-art. That’s the mindset from the start when I begin to cut the fabric or drafting a new pattern for each new pair of custom-made jeans that bare my signature. Although I set out to make the perfect flawless jean, it never really happens. At least not yet.
In sewing, custom handmade jeans by denim designer Maurice Malone & the Williamsburg Garment Company Staff
There’s always a minor flaw because none of the processes are automated. Every operation is lined-up by eye and placements are held steady by hand. Each pair of jeans are drawn on fabric by hand before being cut with shears. There's always a line that has to be resewn. A loop on a chain stitch that skips and must be redone or reinforced. A seam line that doesn’t hit the point perfectly or a rivet that is slightly off-center. However, like selvedge denim made on vintage looms, the imperfections are the beauty of the product.