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Momotaro Jeans Professionally Tailored

Momotaro jeans tailored professionally with chain stitch hemming and thread & quality matched tapering
By Maurice Malone  Published Nov. 13, 2020
Fans in the USA of Momotaro jeans trust us to professionally handle their alterations and tailoring needs. When it comes to tapering services, we are unmatched in price & quality of work because we are also a small batch manufacturer of jeans, with all the equipment, ability, and knowledge of making jeans.

Chain stitch hemming is also an area of our expertise. We lead the country in online denim alterations services, transforming a once complicated mail-in form styled ordering process, to quick and easy. From New York to California, and all of the small towns in between, we give our customers superb, nearly undetectable fit updates to denim, workwear, and jean-styled construction pants.