2021 Williamsburg Denim Blog

By Staff  Updated: August 29, 2023

Custom denim made by hand in Brooklyn

Alterations Sale

Expert tapering on Iron Heart 888's detailed

Washi Denim Custom Tailored Selvedge for Big Thighs

Fast & easy chain-stitched hem designer jeans

Women’s raw jeans custom made-to-order

Better than factory hemming

TCB jeans w/ chain stitch hem service

Hemming alterations on Pajama Jeans

Custom jeans in red Nihon Menpu selvedge denim 

Trouser hem explained

Big men's stretch selvedge custom jeans

Lots of Full Count jeans alterations

Why these Wranglers had to be hemmed twice

Brave Star selvage fit perfected

New Grand Street: Limited run with rare denim

Men's American made jeans produced in Cone White Oak selvedge raw denim made in the USA

Fast one hour or same day alterations

Heavyweight custom jeans fit for bullies 

New T-shirt Alterations Services

Gallery of our Customer's best raw denim fades

1-hour alterations of off-white selvedge Drake jeans

New Brooklyn hand makes on the way!

Hemming Supreme jeans for women

Sewing with eyes closed on Union Special

Check the hemming work on Filson jeans

Video: Walked in holes repairs

Machine Darning vs. Patching

Supreme jeans tailored to fit

Tailoring Baggy Overalls & Double Fronts

Express Hemming on customized stitched Iron Hearts jeans
Popular: Custom made size 44 selvedge jeans
Handmade custom jeans starting at $250
Hemming 21-ounce denim? No problem!
Somét jeans given world-class tapering service
Step out of the norm with custom jeans