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Supreme jeans tailored to fit

White stitched, medium blue stonewashed Supreme jeans tailored with chain stitch hemming by Williamsburg Garment Co.
By Maurice Malone  Published April 4, 2021
We had a fair share of Supreme jeans in for tailoring last month. This one is fairly straightforward. Chain stitch hemming to shorten the length is what we do all day, every day. 
Not pictured, a pair of Supreme Hysteric Glamour snake print, double knee carpenter jeans, which we received with a request for tapering because the customer felt the jeans to be overly baggy. Money, not an issue, they paid for express 3-day service. When the customer came in to pick up his denim, he had a confused disappointed face as he looked over the jeans. He requested to try them on.
Back from trying them on, there was a new look of pleasure on his face and he said, "For a minute, I didn't believe you guys worked on them. I didn't see any signs of new sewing. However, after trying them on, I can defiantly see the fit difference. Thank you!"