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Why these Wranglers had to be hemmed twice

By Maurice Malone, Israel Giles & Anika Schutt  Published August 13th, 2021

We all love a great pair of vintage jeans, specifically when it's a great American-made brand such as Wrangler. However, finding a pair of vintage denim that fits perfectly is nearly impossible and that is where our service comes into play. The owner of this pair of Wrangler's found out the hard way, not every business with a sewing machine can handle denim the right way.

True denim die-hards know the pitfalls of taking jeans to the local cleaners, and they would never give their denim to the same tailor that does their fine clothing. They know denim requires specialized machines, threads, and expertise. If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a General Practitioner? The same concept applies to your denim alterations.

Here we replaced the lock-stitch sewing with proper chain stitch hemming. Our service offers solutions to any hemming, tapering, and repair problems you may have. Everything can be requested from the comfort of your phone, shipped, and delivered right from your home.