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Hemming 21-ounce denim? No problem!

By Maurice Malone  Published March 6, 2021
For some factories, sewing a chain-stitched hem on 21-ounce denim jeans can be a tuff job. It comes as no surprise some choose to fake it.
Fake chain stitch hemming on 21 oz heavyweight denim jeans
It's not so easy, even the toughest machines to punch through several layers of stiff, heavyweight raw denim with large needles. Skipped stitching happens. This causes sewing to be re-done for those on top of quality issues. Needless to say, slowdowns caused by re-sewing are a production nightmare. For a factory that is restrained by lower margins, sometimes the best thing to do is fake it.
Heavyweight 21 oz selvedge raw denim jeans with real chain stitch hemming service applied.
For those with the question, "can you hem or taper 20 to 25-ounce denim?"  Our answer is yes. Heavyweight jeans may arrive for service with a faux chain-stitched hem, but we return them with the real thing.
Before & after hemming alterations on heavyweight selvedge raw denim 21 oz jeans.