One hour & same day alterations ensure a fast turnaround

By Maurice Malone  Published July 21, 2021

Fast one hour or same day alterations are always available for those who don't have time to wait when it comes to chain stitch hemming. This service is offered for both walk-in customers, or to those ordering online from any location in the USA. Other services like tapering and repairs have one and 3-days express options.

Close-up of RRL jeans with one hour alterations express service chain stitch hemming

With express or regular alterations services, our online ordering options place expert denim tailoring as near to you as your local postal or UPS drop-off location. To get the absolute best fit, some customers have also chosen to drive from the nearby states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for personal service. Then choosing our low-cost 1-way shipping optional to return their clothing.

RRL selvedge jeans after same day alterations to shorten the inseam

Take a look at the chain stitch hemming on this pair of RRL jeans and discover the real differences in the quality of work when it comes to duplicating the original factory style of sewing, stitch colors, and thread size, not often offered through local tailors and dry cleaners.

How to hem jeans, the chain stitch vs lock stitch

Close-up view showing how to hem jeans correctly, displaying chain stitch vs lock stitch sewing

The average person doesn't know how to hem jeans or the differences between a chain stitch vs lock stitch, so they will often give their denim alterations to the closest business with a sewing machine in the window. Sometimes, those in the process of learning about jeans or just getting into better denim, often come to realize they made a mistake choosing to hem their beloved new jeans at the local dry cleaners, or even at a retailer's own designated general tailoring shop before coming to us for the correct type of sewing at the hem of denim jeans.

The hem at the top displays chain stitch sewing, which is most common and desired amongst the world's most respected makers of denim jeans. Pictured sandwiched between the two-leg openings, a cut-off hem with lock stitch sewing, which is what you get from most tailors, dry cleaners, DIY, and home sewers. Most denim specialized service providers know the differences and will do the correct sewing.