Off-white selvedge Drake jeans perfectly tailored for the summer

By Maurice Malone  Published June 14, 2021

Inseam shortened on off-white selvedge Drake jeans with one-hour alterations express same-day service chain stitch hemming.

Getting ready for summer, this pair of off-white selvedge Drake jeans came in for our one-hour alterations express service. Better known as "same-day while you wait" chain stitch hemming, we will tailor your pants to spec while you check out the local shops.

Saturday is usually our busiest day for walk in service. Local New Yorkers, as well as visitors from out-of-state, will drop in to get their jeans hemmed while they step out for a short coffee break. Some come in for personal assistant to get their measurements perfected, delivering multiple pairs of jeans and pants. Out-of-towners and busy locals often choose to take advantage of "Drop-off / 1-Way Return Shipping," saving time and money to have the finished alterations delivered straight to their home for only $10, no matter the volume of clothing.