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Perfect the fit of your Brave Stars and other selvage denim

By Maurice Malone, Israel Giles & Anika Schutt  Published August 13th, 2021

Every pair of jeans is personal to their owner. As you age and grow more character, your jeans do too. You care about every detail of your jeans and once you find an American brand you love, you stick with them. However, a stock pattern will only fit you so well.


Personalization is a core principle of our business. It’s why we are well known for our painstakingly hand-made custom denim. We bring that same core principle to every alteration. Regardless of the label on the waistband. Brave Star; another American-made denim company, is one of the many brands we have worked on. We enjoy and look forward to working on brands that share our same core values and ideals. We are proud that fans of Brave Star and other selvage jeans brands trust us to handle their denim alterations needs. We value the confidence that many have given to us to deliver a personalized fit.