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The Art of Hemming Pants Properly

By Maurice Malone  Published December 29, 2022

Take a look at our work on these Danton trousers, which we shortened to a 26 1/2" inseam. Our goal when hemming pants is to match the factory's original look, thread, and sewing. When most tailors look at a pair of pants, they immediately think about matching the pants' color. We know this because every tailor we train has to be re-trained. And every pant we service that has been worked on by other tailors has thought that way. We retrain our sewers to examine every detail in the original style in order to see what's really there.

We tell our staff, "Don’t look at the color of the pants; look at the color of the stitching. Never use thin thread when the original is thick, and vice versa. Adjust the machine to match the length of the stitching. Don’t just get on the machine and start sewing. What we do involves art and attention to detail. That's the unseen essence of what we do and why people appreciate our work."

This is our art. It’s how we hem pants, and what sets us apart.