Denim Scraps valued after hemming selvedge ladies TCB Jeans

Ladies TCB jeans in selvedge denim, with a request to save denim scraps after chain stitch hemming in order to shorten the jeans to a 28-inch inseam. Williamsburg Garment Company provided the alteration service.

By Maurice Malone Published August 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people hold onto their leftover denim scraps after getting their jeans tailored? Many assert that these pieces are their go-to reserves for future denim repairs. These matching fabric patches are often used to mend tears and worn-out areas, which makes perfect sense. However, in our extensive experience repairing denim, we've never received a single pair of jeans accompanied by matching scraps for us to use in the repair process. This makes us think these cherished denim remnants might be finding their way into craft projects or DIY endeavors.

Regardless of your reasons for cherishing these scrap denim remnants, keep in mind that a bare minimum of about 3-inches is needed to make a difference, as can be seen after hemming these pair of ladies selvedge TCB jeans to a 28-inch inseam length, where a client requested the denim scraps. Anything less than that, and you might not have enough material to tackle most standard-sized jeans repairs.

So, should you find yourself wanting these jeans scraps after we work our magic, simply let us know at Williamsburg Garment Company. Our commitment is to meet your needs, and we'll strive to ensure you leave with the desired denim mementos.