Big Rip Repaired on Camouflage Mintcrew carpenter pants

Real tree camouflage printed Carpenter pants from Mintcrew with a repaired crotch rip

By Maurice Malone  Published January 29, 2023

At Williamsburg Garment Company, we're all about repairing and repurposing clothing. No holes or rips are too big or too small, so don't be afraid to bring in your favorite pair of pants or jeans. With a little bit of time and care, we can give them new life and help them last for years to come.

We believe in the power of repair. It is not only more environmentally friendly to repair rather than replace a beloved item of clothing, but some garments hold sentimental value and tells the story.

One of the most common repairs we see at our shop is crotch blowout rips. I'm not sure if this brand's name is spelled "Mintcrew" or "Mint Crew," because both spellings appear on their website, but check out the work we did on these real tree camouflage carpenter pants.

A close-up of the sewing repair detail of a large rip on the crotch of a pair of Mintcrew carpenter pants in real tree camouflage.

When it comes to camouflage prints, like the one on this pair of Mint Crew carpenter pants, it's important to make sure the repair blends in as much as possible. Whereas with denim, contrast sometimes provides a bit of artistic expression.

For the underneath patch on these Mint Crew camouflage pants, we used a base fabric that matched the foundation color and then repaired stitched with thread colors that matched the overall pattern and colors of the camo print. This way, the crotch repair patching will be less visible, and the pants will still look like a cohesive piece.