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Heavyweight denim hemming on Sassafras by Takashi Takagi raw gardener jeans

A close-up hem photo of raw denim gardener jeans with yellow chain stitching serves as an example of the best denim hemming in New York by alterations specialist Williamsburg Garment Company.

By Maurice Malone  Published January 18, 2023

To get the inseam length right on this wonderful pair of heavyweight utilitarian selvedge Sassafras by Takashi Takagi gardener jeans, our chain stitch denim hemming service was employed. Proof: Those who know and care about their denim recognize the differences between what we do and what suit and dress tailors, seamstresses, or local dry cleaners do. No one in the United States, let alone New York City, does denim better.

Saturdays and Sundays are popular days to get your jeans hemmed while you wait with our rush chain stitch hemming service. Sewing times typically range from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the number of jeans presented for alterations and whether or not other express orders arrive shortly before you.

Selvedge Sassafras by Takashi Takagi raw denim gardener jeans with chain stitching alterations
Sassafras gardener jeans with chain stitching to shorten the inseam length