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Perfected Kith hoodie exemplifies our sweatshirt alterations services

Green floral printed Kith hoodie with sleeve shortened alterations

By Maurice Malone  Published December 30 2022

When that special hoodie or sweatshirt that you love but doesn't fit perfectly, you no longer have to put up with overly long sleeves or a body length that falls just above your knees. Check out our expert alterations on this Kith hoodie as an example of what we can do with knit sportswear.

We use specialty tasked industrial machines along with decades of experience designing and manufacturing hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other types of sportswear to get your fit and look right. We understand how clothes are designed and manufactured. Our process is unique in that we disassemble the garments, then redraft the shape before sewing the garments back together to resemble the original factory sewing.

Inside view of sweatshirt alterations to shorten the sleeve length and taper the sleeve shape to fit a fleece Kith hoodie's original knit cuff size.

To shorten the sleeves of this Kith fleece hoodie by a few inches, we first separated the knit cuffs from the sleeves. This is no easy task because the seam is overlocked and then cover stitched with a double needle on the face, with the cover stitching on the underside. This results in a smooth, unpuckered seamline between the cuff and sleeve. After alterations, the cuff and sleeve are reassembled as in photo below.

Cover stitching is visible between the ribbed knit cuff and the fleece sleeve of a green floral-printed Kith hoodie.

As previously stated, the knit cuff on this hoodie was designed to fit the sleeve opening, so the sleeve opening must be only slightly larger than the cuff. Because sleeves widen as they are shortened, tapering may be required to bring the sleeve opening closer to the original size, as seen on the below inside sewing view.

inside view of the sewing details on a Kith fleece hoodie that is undergoing sleeve shortening alternations.