Wide hem Wrangler jeans chain-stitch hemmed to 26 inseam

A pair of Wrangler jeans with a wide hem are chain-stitch hemmed to a 26-inch inseam length by Williamsburg Garment Company, matching the original hem size.

By Maurice Malone Published September 8, 2023

The world of denim tailoring is vast, but it's the nuanced touch of an adept alteration specialist that transforms the good into the truly remarkable. At Williamsburg Garment Company, this transformation is our bread and butter.

While many a denim tailor finds themselves constrained to typical hem sizes due to their equipment’s limitations, we've taken strides to ensure that we’re not bound by the usual. With advanced tools and unmatched expertise, we break the mold, offering a broad array of hemming options.

Enter this pair of Wrangler jeans. Their owner, recognizing our stellar reputation for quality and precision, entrusted us with the task of not just maintaining the beauty of the original wide hem, but also adapting the length to a precise 26-inch inseam. This mission wasn't merely about hemming the jeans to a shorter inseam; it was about ensuring every inch resonated with character and style. By preserving the original wide hem yet transitioning to resilient chain-stitch hemming, we've seamlessly blended Wrangler's iconic allure with the craftsmanship that defines the Williamsburg Garment Company.

Every piece of denim we handle becomes a canvas, a story waiting to be retold and reimagined without losing its original essence. When you opt for Williamsburg Garment Company, you're not merely picking a tailoring service; you're investing in an unparalleled denim experience, underscoring your discerning eye for quality. Like the owner of these tailored 26-inch inseam Wrangler jeans, you can step out with the pride and confindence becasue your denim looks like it was made to fit you.