Our clothing repair services extend beyond denim jeans

crotch blowout hole in pants repaired on brown canvas workwear

By Maurice Malone  Published February 13, 2023

Our denim repair service is not limited to jeans. Corduroy, twill, and canvas pants are frequently repaired. Pants that are styled like jeans in general, as well as workwear clothing such as overalls, double-front pants, and so on, all fall under our purview.

patch repaired jacket collar on green workwear coveralls

We've even repaired holes in sweatshirts, plaid woven shirts, and other clothing. Check through the photos in our denim repairs gallery to see more than jeans mended. 

Army green coveralls with a large hole in the collar and other small rips and tears repaired by Williamsburg Garment Company denim repair services