Preserve your Kapital jeans' value: Trust only a denim specialist

Rush chain stitch hemming alterations service on a pair of flared Kapital jeans in dark selvedge denim.

By Maurice Malone Published June 13, 2023

Indeed, there are some things you just don't do, like spending good money on a pair of Kapital jeans and then taking them to the nearest tailor who hems dress pants and skirts for a living to alter the length. We presume that if you love denim enough to purchase a pair of flared Kapital jeans like these, you know what chain stitch hemming is, and you are aware that only the very best denim tailoring specialist should hem your jeans.

At Williamsburg Garment Company, we are the denim specialists you seek for high-quality alterations that match the original aesthetic. We recognize the value of your Kapital jeans and know precisely how to alter them. As a dedicated denim tailor, we understand the nuances of chain stitch hemming as well as other essential construction techniques that add strength and character to your jeans.