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The How and Whys of Adding Belt Loops to Jeans Professionally

A close-up photo shows how Williamsburg Garment Company added extra belt loops to a pair of denim blue jeans. One loop was added between each side seam and the center back loops, giving the jeans a total of 7 belt loops for more support.

By Maurice Malone Published October 3, 2023

Jeans may appear to be a straightforward garment; however, their design and wearability depend on a host of small details. One such overlooked yet critical feature is the belt loop. A typical pair of jeans usually comes with five belt loops—two near the outseams and one at the rear center. Some labels prefer to go the extra mile by adding a sixth loop at the rear center seam. But here’s where a sizeable issue comes into play: the larger the jeans, the greater the distance between the loops, leading to compromised belt support.

The Need for Customization

This is where Williamsburg Garment Company steps in, adding belt loops to jeans where needed, while also offering repairs for existing ones. This customization is particularly beneficial for those who sport larger sizes, nixing the nuisance of a rising belt and thereby enhancing the overall fit and comfort.

Aesthetic and Structural Integrity

The featured photo above showcases our exacting attention to both the rugged aesthetic and functionality of your jeans. The fabric chosen for the new loops harmonizes with the original denim, along with the thread color and size. But our work doesn't stop at fabric selection; we age the new belt loop to blend seamlessly with the existing, naturally worn-in look of the jeans. The end result? A belt loop that appears to have always been a part of the jeans.

The Importance of the Bar-Tack Stitch

The technique used to repair or attach new loops sets our service apart from the rest. While many tailors might settle for a straight stitch, our industrial-grade machinery allows us to use the superior bar-tack stitch. This stitch not only aligns with the original construction of jeans but is also markedly stronger, ensuring durability.

Expertise with Heavyweight Denim

A close-up of examples of TCB and Mister Freedom jeans shows how to add extra belt loops to jeans. Denim alterations are performed by Williamsburg Garment Company.

Our belt loop repair services even extend to heavyweight jeans, a task too daunting even for many denim specialized tailors. Operating out of our Greenpoint, Brooklyn workshop, we are equipped to work with heavyweight raw denim, skillfully navigating through multiple layers of this hefty fabric.

In summary, when it comes to belt loop repair, replacement, and adding additional belt loops to jeans, Williamsburg Garment Company provides a specialized service that marries aesthetic appeal with structural durability. By opting for our services, you’re entrusting your jeans to hands that know their craft inside and ou