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The Tapered Pants Service Redefining Style

The photograph depicts a pair of contrast panel Dickies tapered pants, tailored by Williamsburg Garment Company, with fabric scraps cut away from the pants' inseams in the foreground.

By Maurice Malone Published June 17, 2023

Clothing is a canvas of endless possibilities when it comes to style today, thanks to Williamsburg Garment Company, where individuality meets creativity.  Whether you're looking to breathe new life into your wardrobe or just looking for a tailor-made fit for that new pant that you love everything about except the fit, look no further than our expert tapered pants service. We're revolutionizing the way you approach your wardrobe, one pair of pants at a time.

Have you ever found the perfect pair of pants, but they didn’t fit quite right? Or perhaps you have a favorite, comfortable pair of trousers but want a more current, leaner silhouette. This is where we can help. When it comes to tapered pants, we're the go-to tailoring experts.

Our aim is to offer a tailoring service that can alter a pair of pants by tapering them and reworking them into a flawless fit that flatters your silhouette and complements your fashion sense. We are pleased to showcase our outstanding tailoring skills and commitment to meeting our clients' needs. We recently had the pleasure of transforming a pair of men's size 28 slim tapered Dickies twill contrast panel work trousers into a beautifully tailored pair of tapered pants for a woman. Our skills are evident in the before-and-after images, which showcase a striking contrast between the original Dickies tapered pants and the final masterpiece.

Our exceptional service highlights not only our adaptability but also our proficiency in fulfilling individual customer requirements while preserving the authenticity of the original style. Every detail is considered by our adept tailors, from the original construction, thread, and knee placement, to properly shape the legs, thigh to hem, to ensure that your pants look and feel perfect.

What is tapering, and what makes Williamsburg's service different from other tailors?

Image of the interior sewing details of a pair of contrast-panel tapered Dickies pants with tapering alterations and twill fabric remnants trimmed away from the pants lying on the ground.

Tapering is a tailoring method that creates a more fitting and streamlined appearance or narrows the shape of garments. Our tailoring service distinguishes itself from other providers due to our unparalleled knowledge of ready-to-wear apparel and denim. As the company's owner and director, I'm well-known as a designer with extensive experience in all aspects of garment design, production, and manufacturing.

We don't merely alter clothes like a regular tailor, who often works from a different type of sewing machine and is forced to use alternative sewing methods. We disassemble garments, revamp the shape, and then reassemble the garment following the original construction methods, using the same types of industrial sewing machines as the factory.

Whereas most tailors alter clothing using approaches that make it easier for them to attain their goals or because their equipment is limited, our primary concern is doing things correctly. The correct way is not always the simplest, but it produces the best results. Our goal is to modify clothing and return it looking unaltered, as if it were purchased off-the-rack with a perfect fit.

is transformed into a customized-fit pair of tapered pants for women.

Overview of Alteration Services

We are delighted to offer both walk-in and online ordering services from anywhere around the globe. Let's delve into the online ordering process for those outside of New York City.

In an era when online tailoring and garment repair services were virtually unheard of, we transformed the landscape. While others were asking for forms to be printed out and mailed in with garments, our mission was simple – make our website’s ordering process as simple as purchasing products from your mobile device.

Drawing from our day-to-day experiences, we constantly refine our online forms, aiming for simplicity and enriched detail. This commitment allows us to offer customers a wide array of options to craft their ideal customized fit, while also learning the underlying principles and techniques.

Through our Blog, FAQ pages, and LookBook, we provide an immersive exploration of our services and denim-related knowledge, all narrated from the perspective of a seasoned expert. Our focus is to shed light on the art of tailoring, ultimately empowering you to understand, create, and wear your perfectly tailored look confidently.

How we work: online ordering

We devised an easy-to-use drop-down system to answer common questions about customizing the leg shape and fit of your pants or jeans. The first drop-down, "Brand," helps us distinguish between multiple pairs you may be sending for alterations. If your brand isn't listed, simply choose "Any Brand."

Next, we have a drop-down for your leg opening size – the pivotal choice when opting for tapering. Please note that measurements are listed in total circumference. Therefore, an 8-inch hem would refer to the front and back dimensions combined, akin to the leg opening size on a typical women's skinny jean.

The subsequent drop-down box is dedicated to the type of tapering you desire: custom, standard, or taper from the knee. "Custom" lets you choose both your leg opening size and knee width, which we'll smoothly blend into the thigh. "Standard" requires your leg opening size, and entrusts us with the task of adjusting your knee size to create a fluid silhouette. "Taper From Knee" should be selected if you are content with the fit from the knees up and only desire an adjustment to the leg opening.

Next, you'll choose your inseam length in the fourth box. Remember, when you order tapering, hemming is included.

The fifth box, "Knee Placement," is where you tell us the location of your knee when wearing your jeans. Measure from the crotch to the center point of your knee. This detail is crucial, especially when shortening your jeans or determining the easing point. For a more comprehensive guide, visit our blog article: A detailed guide for hemming jeans and tapering them to perfection.

The "Knee Width" box is for specifying your custom knee width. However, ensure you allow enough space for comfortable movement, especially when comparing stretchy fabric jeans to 100% cotton ones.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled expertise in tapering pants and jeans. However, given the high demand, particularly during seasonal changes (Fall and Spring), we may experience a surge in orders. If time is a concern, we recommend opting for one of our "Rush Service" options: 1-3 weekdays or 3-10 weekdays. Please note that weekends and holidays do not count as work days for rush orders.

How we work: In-person assistance

Locals and out-of-state visitors can get personal assistance without making an appointment by visiting our studio at any time during business hours. Any of our knowledgeable staff members have been trained to assist with fittings and answer questions.

We begin by learning about the customer's body type and personal style preferences. Our tailors then take accurate measurements and notes to ensure the final product fits perfectly.

The final order is completed on your phone, even if you are in our studio. We write up the ordering details and walk you through them, explaining what to enter in the drop-down boxes.