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Joe McCoy & Co. jeans by The Real McCoy's express hemmed

Selvedge Joe McCoy & Co. jeans by The Real McCoy's express are hemmed with chain stitching by Williamsburg Garment Company.

By Maurice Malone Published August 1, 2023

Where can you get your Joe McCoy & Co. jeans by The Real McCoy's express hemmed with chain stitching that closely matches the original color and heavy thread size? Williamsburg Garment Company, of course.

One common frustration among denim lovers is finding a place that understands the intricacies of hemming. Some places limit you to a mere half-inch alteration, while others refuse to remove lock stitches or poorly done chain stitching, leaving you with limited options. At Williamsburg Garment Company, we are committed to providing the best chain stitch hemming service, regardless of how small or complex the alteration may be. We believe that your denim deserves nothing less than perfection.

Denim tailoring is an art that requires expertise and knowledge. Many retailers may have chain stitching equipment but lack the skilled labor to operate it. At Williamsburg Garment Company, our workforce consists of trained professionals who have honed their skills under the guidance of my denim expertise. Some of our team members started as interns and have risen to become the best in the industry, ensuring that your denim is handled with the utmost care and precision.

We understand that the person handling your denim should be someone with a passion for the craft, not just a salesperson with little to no sewing experience. That's why we prioritize skilled sewing workers who have experience in the denim industry. Even those who have worked in factories or other tailoring shops undergo special training to learn our method—the correct way, not the easiest—to handle denim alterations.

When you choose Williamsburg Garment Company, you can rest assured that your precious Joe McCoy & Co. jeans by The Real McCoy's will receive the attention and care they deserve. Our chain stitching closely matches the original color and heavy thread size, ensuring an authentic and seamless finish.

Say goodbye to frustrating experiences with mediocre denim tailoring services. Upgrade your denim alteration journey with Williamsburg Garment Company and experience the difference that expertise and passion can make. Order denim alterations online with ease, and let us deliver a perfectly hemmed pair of jeans right to your doorstep. Join denim enthusiasts worldwide who trust us to provide the best in the business—because when it comes to denim alterations, we leave no room for compromise.