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Well known for jean tapering, being able to teach denim classes is not an exaggeration

Manager Isreal Giles teaches jean tapering to intern Heewan Lee at Williamsburg Garment Co. studio in Brooklyn, NY.

By Maurice Malone Published August 9, 2021  (updated Nov. 04, 2022)

Already well known for providing great denim alterations, hemming, and jean tapering, it would not be an exaggeration to say we can teach classes on the subject. At our Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York studio, we are literally teaching tapering and jean-making skills to fashion students through our internship program every day - helping to create the next generation of denim talents.

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Unless a pair of jeans for tapering service comes in as RUSH SERVICE, a student likely drafts the initial taper before handing it over to management for review. Rush alterations are handed directly to our production managers to ensure they go into work promptly.

You don't have to be one of our interns to get your 101 on denim. Simply check out our gallery of previous works and informative articles. Posts are listed from the newest to the oldest, with updates added regularly.

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