Somét Jeans shipped halfway around the world for tapering service

By Maurice Malone  Published March 1, 2021
This pair of Somét jeans, made in Japan, came to us from nearly halfway around the world. Australia to be exact. It is no stretch of the imagination to say our tapering services are respected around the world.
Black tapered somét jeans made in Japan
We feel our job is not only to give customers the desired fit but also to preserve the original construction details. That means we pay close attention to more than just the thread color, thread weight is also a priority throughout the sewing process. We take seriously the sewing construction, replacing it with the same construction. In other words, we don't do workarounds for lack of equipment, or to make things easier for us to sew. We use the correct machines to replicate the original sewing, except in those instances when the original factory assembly is poorly constructed. 
Inside view shows tapering at the inseam on Somét selvedge jeans.
We know how jeans are made, designed, and constructed. We are denim designers and manufacturers. Looking closely at these Somét jeans from the inside, you can see how close we mimicked the original sewing. From the outside, there are no signs of alterations work. The single needle stitch flows uninterrupted around the entire inseam as a single stitch line. There are no signs of connecting a new stitch line to the original because it is all new sewing.
Close-up inside view of tapering on the inside of Somét jeans.
Close-up of tapered Somét jeans made in Japan in black denim and white stitching.
We service denim fans from all over the world who are very concerned about having their alterations done the right way, and by denim pros. They know they won't get our quality of work from the tailor who deals with suits, or a seamstress that does a little of everything, and certainly not the local dry cleaners. Denim lovers worldwide can order our alterations & repair services by simply placing an order with international shipping. The difference between the U.S. and international customers is those located in the USA get emailed a shipping label, while customers outside the U.S. must ship their clothing to us. We ship them back after servicing.